The LPShannah channel was created on August 1st 2010 as a way for 12-year-old Hannah to share her stories and ideas with the world of YouTube.


After the 10 years of making videos, the channel has grown tremendously with now more than 500K subscribers and 120M total video views! It has also become the #1 most sub-scribed and viewed LPS-based channel ever.


But more importantly, LPS-hannah has become a place for entertainment and inspiration for both kids and teens with comedic skits, moving short films, fun unboxings and much more.


 All this truly lives up to the slogan; LPS In Action!

As announced in the video uploaded on August 1st 2020 (titled "10 Years. Thank You ❤") Hannah has tragically decided to stop producing new content for LPShannah due to the strict COPPA-changes (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) that YouTube made on January 7th, 2020. Please watch this video below to hear her reasons for this decision.
All existing videos will still be available, however all comments has been turned off as another drastic COPPA-change. Hannah will still be active on her other channel called 'Hannah's Haven' and the accompanying Instagram @hannahs_haven_. If you seek to contact her, please message her there. Or for business inquiries, please send an email to the address provided under the "connect" section on this website.

Hannah was born 1997 into a loving Christian family in south-east of Sweden. From a very young age it was obvious that Hannah's biggest strength was her creativity. From drawing to crafting with paper, she loved creating with her hands. 


In 2008 her dad bought her very first Littlest Pet Shop set for Christmas, and Hannah fell in love with the adorable little bubble-headed animals. That's when her collection began, and now she owns more than 2,000 pets!

When she discovered YouTube in 2009 she got interested in the possibilities of creating with digital means as well. Once she created LPShannah, she was sold on the idea of film making and hasn't stopped since!

When it was time to choose an orientation for Swedish high school, she decided to go with her favorite hobby; film production. After being accepted to her desirable school she was able to learn about the subject on a professional level. 

After studying film production, as well as other creative subjects such as media production, graphic design, web development and aesthetic communication for 3 years, Hannah decided to pursue her now quite large YouTube channel as her full time job and founded her own company in order to do so. 

The LPSTube community has given Hannah opp-ortunities that she could only dream of when she started. Creating and sharing her stories has always been her passion, and to now be able to do it for a living is an impossible dream come true.