Video tips

The LPStube community has grown a lot over the years, and every day Hannah gets more and more questions from her viewers about how to create similar videos like her own. On this page you will learn about some steps and Hannah's personal tips on how to create better videos. Good luck!

Step 1: Create a channel


If you don't already own a channel, make sure to create one. If you're under 13 you must need parents permission first. Your channel username is very important, so take some time to think about what username you would like before creating a channel. Nowadays you are able to change your username, but still, it's important to keep the same name so that people will remember your name and not to mix it up with anyone elses. You want it to be unique, but still it should fit your personality and what your channel is about. How I chose my name was very simple. I loved LPS (and I wanted to create LPS videos) and my name was Hannah. So it became "LPShannah".

Step 2: Design your channel


You want the look of your channel to match your personality and what your channel is about, so to do that you can create an icon and a banner. If you're not fimiliar with photo editing, you could start off with a picture from the internet that you like. That's what I did, but later on I began taking my own pictures and eventually I started editing my own pictures. Don't worry if it takes time to get where you want to be, practice makes perfect. :) You could also write something about yourself and your channel in the "about" section to make sure people understand what your channel is about.

Step 4: Create videos


Now it's time for the hard work. Creating videos is what usually takes the most time and effort, so you need to be willing to spend some time on doing the best you can. To begin doing something that you've never done before is always a little difficult. Like learning how to ride a bike, creating videos takes time and practice. But let's go through the most important steps in the video process:


  • Create a story

Ideas come from everywhere you go; home, school, downtown, movies, anywhere! Share your story! Don't copy, be original for best success!


  • Write a script

This is optional. Some people are not able to do anything without a script, personally I did not start using scripts until recently. In most videos I've created I have kept everything inside my head, or possibly written some notes to make it easier for myself to remember. It worked for me for a very long time, until summer 2014 to be exact. So videos like Dr. Thomson's SPooDIE, TRAPPED and Simply Fabulous were all made without a proper script. But now when I have started using scripts I must say that I do recommend it. The production does take a little longer when you write a script first, but the story usually turns out better when you have a prper ground to stand on.


  • Build/create sets

Something I have learned over the years is that the way your create sets and use props are very impoartant. A video looks more attractive if there's more than a blank wall in the background. And creating a fairly good background doesn't have to be very hard, but it brings life to your video. If you want to you could craft your own sets. Some people do this and it usually turns out very cute and unique. Personally I mostly use original LPS accessories since I have quite many of them, and only build my own props if I have no other option. Like in Summertime Beauty for example, I had a vision in my head how I wanted the summer house to look like, and I wasn't able to find anything like it, so why not build your own? 


  • Lighting

When you're ready to film, it's time to think about what type of feeling you want to bring to your video. Lighting does very well. As a beginner, most people don't think too much about the lighting, but it's more important than you might think. Lighting brings life to your videeo in a different way than anything else. You want your video to look good, and by thinking a little more about lighting I promise your video will look better than if you didn't think about it. I use artificial lighting with two softboxes (look at FAQ page for photo). They give a very good natural lighting and brings out the colors in your video and removes unnecessary shadows. As artificial lighting, these things are closest thing to natural lighting. But as they are a bit pricey, using natural daylight works well too. But then it's very important to film on the right time of the day. With softboxes you can film in the middle of the night if you want and there would be no difference, but without them I recomment filming around 12 PM since the sun is the highest by then. Also, make sure to have your filming location close to a window for best effect. If you can's affort artificial lighting like softboxes, you could use natural lighting from a window and then put a mirror or a white paper in opposite direction of the window, and that way the mirror/paper will reflect some of the light and it will almost look like artificial due to that it will remove some shadows. Why lighting is so important is because that through different lighting, you can symbolize different times of the day, if you want your video to be set in the day, use daylight, if you want it to be in the evening or night, pull the blinds down on your window and use lamps that give more of a yellow light.


  • Film your video

Now when all of that is done, it's time to get started with the real job! Now all you have to do is film your video. And for this, depending on what type of video you are creating, you may need some LPS and acting. It's important to film your video in different clips and scenes. By "clips" I mean "record, say something. Stop record, move camera in a different angle or zoom in and out and continue talking" (on some cameras, smartphones for example, you can use a "pause" button instead and then continue recording when you are ready). You see me doing this all the time, it keeps the video a little more interesting than one long recording. 


  • Edit your video

It's time for the finishing tough for your video! Personally, editing is my favorite part. I know that many think editing is the worst part, and that's okay! We all have different likes and dislikes, most people think filming is the best part and personally I almost find that the worst part. A lot of people alos find editing the hardest part and I can understand that. Like everything else it takes practice. I look at myself as practicing all the time because there's always more to learn! And I find that a beautiful thing. So, anyhow, like cameras editing programs cost a lot of money and as a beginner you don't need to begin with the most hardcore editing program. Use what you altready have! On most computers there are already an editing program installed (Windows Movie Maker, iMovie) and if you don't know how to find it, or if you even have one, you could ask someone who might know! I started off with Windows Movie Maker (on an old crappy computer, I might add), but it worked for me in the first year on YouTube! Later on I upgraded to a better 

Step 3: Camera


I think the question I get asked the most is "what camera do you use?". I can understand how people may think that a camera itself can bring some of the magic to your video, but the camera is far from the only thing that makes a video good. What kind of camera you use in the beginning is not the most important thing actually. Cameras are expensive stuff and as a beginner and if you are not able to get your hands on the perfect camera, don't worry! The world will not end, you just need to start with what you have. I started out with my dad's old camera. No HD or anything. But it was enough to get me started. So I suggest you do the same, borrow a camera from your family (if they have one, alnd if you're alloowed to of course) or use a phone, tablet or a webcamera. The quality is not the most important thing to begin with. And if you use a smartphone or tablet, most of those cameras have pretty good quality as well.