What video editing software do you use?

I primarily use Adobe Premiere Pro CC, but sometimes Adobe After Effects CC as well as Adobe Audition CC for audio editing.



What do you use for lighting?

I use two softboxes for normal lighting, and sometimes other lamps depending on how I want the lighting to be, if I want it to look like evening I use a lamp that gives more of a yellow light.







If you would like to know more about Hannah, check out these Q&A (Questions & Answers) videos where she answers random questions from the viewers!

What camera do you use?

I currently use a Sony Handycam (Model: HDR-CX730E).

What photo editing program do you use?

I use Photoshop CC!

Where do you get your background music?


These days I almost exclusively use music from Epidemic Sound. But you can always check the video description of each video where I include title, producer and which website I got it from.

If you're looking for music for your videos (and sound effects) I recommend taking a look at YouTube's own Audio Library! (This only works if you have an account)

Do you trade LPS?

I don't unless said otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many LPS do you have?

I currently have more than 2,000 LPS in my collection! 

Where do you buy your LPS?

Nowadays I usually buy them from eBay.

What are some video tips you would give a beginner LPStuber?

The main things, in my opinion, to make fairly good videos are these:


  • Good lighting (daylight works)

  • While filming, make different clips for different scenes.

  • Edit your video

  • Be original & be yourself!