Fun Facts

Learn some new things about Hannah and the channel with these fun

never-before-revealed facts!


Hannah had never used a proper script for her videos until summer 2014. The first ever scripted video was her 100,000 subscribers special. Summertime Beauty was the second scripted video ever.


The script for Summertime Beauty was written in only a couple of hours late one night and was originally called "The Trip".


Hannah got her very first LPS back at Christmas 2008 by her dad, but he had actually forgot to wrap the LPS and give it to her. Later that same night her dad remembered and brought them to her at last.


The idea for the classic Dr. Thomson's SPooDIE was completed by Hannah's dad. She had the fundamental idea about a doctor experimenting with a new drink, but it was when her dad recognized that Hannah owned a lot of purple LPS pets that she figured out what the drink should do.

The time travel scene in the 5 Year Anniversary Special was filmed in Hannah's actual old bedroom. She recreated how her old bedroom used to look back then, even using the same laptop that she created her channel on!



Destiny Hudson's name was chosen by Hannah in 2010 after going through teen magazines. It was a combo of Miley Cyrus' birth name 'Destiny' and Kate 'Hudson'.


The character Billy was created by Hannah's cousin back in 2010. Billy's iconic voice has been recreated by Hannah since, although the original voice can be heard in the video Destiny & Billy's Adventure where her cousin rightfully plays Billy.

The Kitty Crew was a completely unscripted series. This being due to that when Hannah was still in school she wanted to be able to make a series, but without it taking too long to create each episode.


The video Glasses Aren't Uncool was based on a real life event where Hannah would be Lucy, overhearing the mean girls. The video idea came to life after Hannah wondered about what would happen if someone had stood up to them.



Hannah's favorite part of the video making process is scripting and editing.