At LPShannah we believe that it is up to each parent to decide what is appropriate for their child or not, therefor we have never put age restrictions on any videos.
Hannah started her channel in her early teens and didn’t consider making her videos for other kids necessarily; she made the type of content she enjoyed watching herself.
While this is still the case, Hannah now is well aware of who her audience is and strive to put out family-friendly content. Because things weren’t always this way though, some older LPShannah videos might be considered inappropriate for younger viewers, these will be listed below.

Even though these videos are made with plastic toys, we understand that kids see everything very vividly and therefor we believe this section is necessary.
LPShannah never have and never will use bad language.
Due to Hannah’s Christian values this is a type of language that she doesn't use, neither in videos or in real life. Words such as "crap", "stupid" and "shut up" do occur though.
The videos or series listed below are ones that we recommend a parent to check out before allowing their kid to watch.
• Nightmare Called Life - 12-part series (2012)
The name itself suggests the very dark tone of this series, and several parts include drinking (portrayed negatively), drugs, attempted suicide, physical violence, child abuse and blood.
• Too Young - Short film/music video (2013)
This film was made for suicide prevention and includes scenes of a girl on a bridge, who eventually jumps into the river. No physical injuries are shown.
• Trapped - Halloween Movie Special (2013)
Like most Halloween-related films, Trapped is meant to give you a scare. The film includes lots of fake blood and scary moments, such as jump-scares. It also indicates that a girl is murdering and eventually eating her friends.
• Perfect - Music Video (2011)
Although this video is not uploaded to the original LPShannah channel, but the music channel LPShannah-Music, it still falls under the LPShannah label.
This music video is of P!nk's song "Perfect" (clean version) and includes child abuse, cutting and blood.
• You Deserve Better - Valentine's Short Film (2012)
This video includes physical abuse in a romantic relationship between the main character and her boyfriend.
• Hands (2012)
This video includes short frequencies of a physical fight between two students and physical abuse in a romantic relationship.
• Unwritten - Short Film (2012)
This video includes an evident scene of a girl getting run over by a car. Bruises and blood is shown.
• Monsters In The Dark - Halloween Skit (2018)
Even though this Halloween special has a funny twist, it includes some LPS painted black to look like ghosts/ shadows/demons. It's also made in a way to give jump scares.