The Summertime Series

The Summertime series might be the most popular couple of videos on the entire channel; it's a true fan favorite. Originally only ment to be one short film, the viewers love for it (and millions of views!) inspired Hannah to continue the story.
As of 2018, there are three individual films in the series.
After being forced to stay with her family at her mother’s co-worker's luxury summerhouse, Kaylie arrives with a more than negative attitude. When meeting the daughter of the house, Colette, she gets challenged in her way of thinking and starts to look at life, and herself, in a whole new way. “Summertime Beauty” is a story about jealousy, judging, attitude, forgiveness and what beauty is really about.
In the sequel, Kaylie meets Chris, a boy who has moved in next door to Colette family's summerhouse. Getting to know each other little by little, at the end of the week Kaylie finds herself with feelings she's only dreamed of.
In the third film of the Summertime series, we follow Kaylie and Chris as they dive deeper into their relationship, discover each other's past and the difficulties of accepting it.