Drama videos
The emotional, meaningful and thoughtful videos are meant to send out an inspiring message to the world. With motivating messages, these videos are meant to give you a lesson of life, or a warm, fuzzy feeling afterwards.

The Perfect Gift (Christmas Short Film)

After an unexpected encounter, and some Christmas spirit, two little girls' lives might change forever.

My Boyfriend Doesn't Notice My Clothes

When Alex wants her boyfriend Cody's advice on her outfit, she quickly realizes that he doesn't notice what she's wearing at all, and decides to test him... will he pass the test?

Comedy videos
These funny and random skits are made to bring more laughter into your life. Sometimes a crazy idea pops up and it usually ends up in a video!
More videos and playlists can be found on the LPShannah channel here!
On the LPShannah channel you will find many different types of videos, here are just a few examples of the main themes.
Review & Unboxings
As most of the LPS fans do, Hannah loves to open up new Littlest Pet Shop pets. And when opening new LPS, why not film it as well? Since so many seem to enjoy these unboxing videos, they've become a big part of the channel as well!


I got a huge box of LPS sent to me from Hasbro themselves! In this video I'll be unboxing and reviewing all 8 sets!